Wiki Socks

Wiki Socks

These aren’t just colorful things one wears on one’s feet, but banned users who return to WP in other incarnations.

Dajudem, for example, who returned as Tundrabuggy and Stellarkid, and who both edited productively but were finally discovered thanks to the efforts of Nableezy and his apparent “in” with checkuser(s). Anyone who attempts to “evade a ban” by starting a new account is given a permanent ban, and this is what happened to users like Dajudem and NoCal.

Very clearly this system does not work, since it bans the innocent with the guilty, therefore violates the the presumption of innocence that really should be a part of English Wikipedia, but clearly is not. Being in close contact with Dajudem, she tells me that among those who are legitimate users and not her “socks” , but banned nevertheless, are all the “Golan” -labeled users, Megaidler, CJStevens, Judadem, and doubtless others. I am confident that many others have been unfairly banned due to CU’s eagerness to assuage the crowd that have been bringing these reports to them. Wikipedia needs to take a new look at this phenomena.

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