Judaism and Bus Stops

Judaism and Bus Stops

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Bravo Chesdovi.  Fed up with all of the Wikipedia articles that exist only to attack the Jews, Chesdovi created a delightful spoof, “Judaism and bus stops.”

The article is as well-sourced as Israel and the apartheid analogy, and makes it far more sense.  There is, after all, no apartheid in Israel where black and white Jews live together, work together, serve in the army together and marry each other.  All quite legally.  But have we got bus stops!

If you’ve ever been exasperated by the way anti-Israel and anti-Semitic editors will drag Jews into every improbable article on Wikipedia, take a look at the deletion debate.  The anti-Israel editors are tying themselves in knots.

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  1. Annon. says

    It has been deleted by MuZemike who pushed to block Rocalisi a few months ago under the “orders” of Nableezy’s complaints as a supposed “sock.”

  2. says

    You know, I just have to laugh at this. The deletion discussion reads like Zoshchenko – it’s amazing that people could produce something that ridiculous without intending or realizing it. On the one hand it’s wonderful to be able to sit back on the sidelines and laugh at this stuff and say, “I can’t do a goddamn thing about all this – why should I care?” And on the other hand it’s scary – there are a lot of people physically fighting this fight, this Israeli-Palestinian fight, in the Middle East – but in its own way it’s far more sinister to think of all the online warriors, all the people out there who want nothing but to destroy impartiality and accuracy for their own extremist ends. In the USSR and China (mainly before the 1980s or so, at least), the government tried to destroy the truth by creating massive amounts of propaganda in favor of whatever they wanted the public to support. It’s sobering to have empirical evidence that the public would do that to themselves anyway, without a higher power interfering. I’ll never understand human nature…