DKY as Propaganda

DKY as Propaganda

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DKY or Do you know… is the section in the lower left hand quadrant on the English homepage.  It consists of a list of teasers or factoids “From Wikipedia’s newest articles.”

Some articles appear to have been written for the purpose of putting a piece of information that reflects badly on Israel on Wikipedia’s main page, which is visited by 6 million people every day.

On September 3, 2010, this bogus “fact” appeared on DKY:

Did you know that both Patrol 35, based in Israel, and Tsagaan Khass, based in Mongolia, are openly neo-Nazi organizations?

Shocking.  And it is lie.

The article was created on August 22, 2010, and the article itself is factually accurate.  There was a group of Israeli teenagers who self-identified as neo-Nazis and did neo-Nazi things like painting swastikas on synagogues and beating people up in the street.  They were arrested and sentenced.  The problem is that the factoid that appeared on DKY is written in the present tense, as though Patrol 35 was an active neo-Nazi movement comparable to Mongolia’s Tsagaan Khass, a large and influential political movement of adults, although it has a  with a woefully inadequate Wikipedia article.

A 2010 article in The Guardian refers to Patrol 35 in the past tense, and I can find no articles about it as an an active organization on Google news since the arrests and trials of the small gorup of teenagers in 2007-8.

That group of disaffected, violent teenagers was real.  The DKY claiming that Israel harbors an active neo-Nazi organization is political propaganda, and a failure on the part of the editors who approved this item for DKY.

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