Deletionism vs. Inclusionism on Wikipedia

Deletionism vs. Inclusionism on Wikipedia

While we often focus on the topics and content of Wikipedia pages on this blog, we rarely discuss another big issue, article deletion vs. inclusion. On topics ranging from musicians to terrorist attacks, a group of deletionists scans for articles they do not deem worthy of existence.

I once ran into this after creating a new page for widely read author and blogger Chris Guillebeau. After adding a handful of references, the page was allowed to stay, but not all topics get the same love that I gave or the same fair treatment.

Recently, an article on discussed this very topic:

For background on the age-old war between “deletionists” and “inclusionists” on Wikipedia, I refer you to either the Wikipedia entry “Deletionism and Inclusionism in Wikipedia,” or Nicholson Baker’s fascinating account of his attempt to fight the deletion of the (not very famous) post-Beat poet Richard Denner. Suffice to say: Deletionism is a real thing. We don’t know why exactly Barro’s worthiness has come under attack (a prank, a political vendetta?), but there may be no other reason than that Wikipedia is full of busybodies who believe certain standards must be upheld or barbarism and chaos will triumph in the virtual encyclopedic domain.

I personally believe having more information is better than less. The list of Articles for Deletion is very active. You never know what will be removed next.

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